50 Kalò

Pizza makers have their own personal jargon that almost incomprehensible to others.It is an unwritten slang which has been handed down over the centuries.  

Kalò stands for something good and skatà for something bad. It derives from Greek, this being the cradle of Magna Graecia, but it is tinged with nuances, sounds and other references.  
In Greek, kalos means beautiful as well as good.
And 50?  50 stands for bread in Kabala and the Neapolitan smorfia, and pizza makers are masters in the art of baking. 

This is how our name was born; 50 kalò or good dough, because a great pizza is known by its crust.  Ciro Salvo’s dough is the fruit of passionate research, study and a lot of experimentation: above all the accurate selection of the right flour, those with low protein content.  He also adds a lot of water;  a quantity of  water that reaches the brink of workability followed by a long rising period to obtain a soft, extremely light crust with a high level of digestibility.

A 50 kalò. Simple.


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