Front cover of Gambero Rosso magazine in July 2013, in 2016 the same publication award him the prize “Dough Master”.

Gambero Rosso’s guide award, from 2014 to date, 50 Kaló with “3 pizza wedges” the maximum award given in Italy’s Pizzeria guides.

In the spring of 2014, the New York Times published a special article about Ciro Salvo and 50 Kaló, calling it “one of the best pizza in Italy”. Identitá Golose include him in the book “100 x 10. The 100 Chef that have changed Italian cuisine”, published by Mondadori, effectively recognising among the hundred leading figures of Italian cuisine.

In January 2017, is the only Pizzamaker invited in Turin for the 10 years anniversary of Eataly together with 10 top chef and cooks together with Massimo Bottura.

50 Kaló is, since 2017, amongst the pizzeria included in the Michelin’s Guide, with a special mention about the accurately selected wine list for a Pizzeria.

In 2018, for “50 Top Pizza”, his Margherita is the “Pizza of the year” and 50 Kaló is the best pizzeria in Naples and Naples’ province, and third in the world; He is named “Pizza Napoletana’s World Ambassador by Slow Food; Leading ‘Pizzaiolo’ of the year for PizzAwards 2018, a competition promoted by Mysocialrecipe.

In 2019, “50 Top Pizza”, Best Pizzeria in the world ranking publication, confirm 50 Kaló in third place in Italy and in the world, ranking first for Naples and Naples’ province; For the Vera Pizza Napoletana Association (AVPN), 50 Kaló is the best member pizzeria.

In 2020, ’50 Top Pizza’ awards 50 Kaló to fourth place in Italy and the world, ranking again first for Naples and Naples’ province, and the special awards for best Wine List.

In 2022, ’50 Top Pizza’ awards 50 Kaló the second place in Italy, first place in Naples and Naples’ province, and fourth place in the special Worldwide table.

November 2022: Foodcommunity Awards for Best Pizzeria of the year. This award recognises restaurant, format, chef and pizzeria that have distinguished themselves for the growth of their business.

February 2023: Awards for best “Pizzeria dell’olio”, AIRO 2023, International Association of Restaurants of Oil.

Awards and recognition 50 Kaló London:

Since 2019, 50 Kaló London has been awarded Top Italian Restaurants by Gambero Rosso International. It confirmed itself as best Italian Pizzeria in London, the only in the British capital to have been awarded the “3 pizza wedges” the maximum award given to a Pizzeria.

May 2019: 50 Kaló London ranked first in the Top Pizza Europe, as best pizzeria in Europe. In addition, it also wins the special price for best Pizza Napoletana.

May 2020: wins back-to-back best pizzeria in Europe awards by Top 50 Pizza Europe, and the best service 2020 award. Ciro Salvo is also awarded Pizza Chef of the Year 2020.

May 2022: 50 Kaló London is awarded the third place in the best European Pizzeria table by Top 50 Pizza Europe, remaining the highest ranked in the UK.

Awards and recognition 50 Kaló Rome:

November 2022: win the “System House Award” for ‘Bester Vegetarian Pizzeria’ by La Repubblica’s guide “Lazio – Cammini e Sentieri”.

Gennaio 2023: win the special award “Evoluzione 2023”, ‘Pizzeria dell’Olio’